" MoHo is about innovation. It's not only about pure innovation and new ideas but it's also about innovation that generates value whether it's for a business, a government or the society as a whole. What I also like about it, is that it gathers students from different parts of the world with diverse backgrounds and origins with the support from a facilitating team and leading edge technologies to enhance effectiveness. It's a quite promising idea from 3 proeminent schools and I am personally excited about it! "

Christophe Duthoit
Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

" This is so inspiring at first glance that not only I joined but now endorsing the MoHo movement.
Cannot wait to meet you all !!! "

Christophe Schuhmann
Senior QA Engineer at hi5 Networks (i18n and l10n specialist)


  • 7 days in Palo Alto
  • June 1 - June 8
  • 1 house
  • 17 partners
  • 14 endorsements
  • 15 engineering students
  • 3 design students
  • 15 business students
  • 10 social entrepreneurs
  • 10 artists
  • 5 venture capitalists
  • 2 design professors
  • 3 business professors
  • and maybe you...

Thank you in advance.

Innovation is hampered by a myriad of factors in today’s globalised world. The lack of communication between knowledge centers such as engineering, marketing and design in companies, creates distortions and miscomprehensions between people that heavily penalize the innovation process.

These problems are further amplified if economic reality is brought into the picture. Too many products have been ‘invented’ in the past with little or no potential for economic success. ‘Inventors’ very easily forget the importance of market reality.

During MoHo 2008, 6 themes will be explored to achieve 6 different innovations:

For each theme, although we are aiming at a concrete innovation, the project definition is purposefully expressed vaguely so that the team can freely chose and refine their scope of innovation.

The MoHo experience brings together different actors who will live in the same house for 7 days.

A Facilitation team will allow participants to collaborate with each other at a new level, to share knowledge, to build networks and above all, focus together on this unique experience that uses creative social blending to pave the way for innovation. To that end, the Facilitation team will combine different tools and techniques designed to infuse collaboration and creativity with the presence of numerous actors over a very short period of time. The members of the MoHo community can thus focus on their exchanges.

All content will be recorded and diffused in different formats (graphics, videos…) within the house and published on www.le-moho.com. At the end of the event, all content produced will be given to all the participants.

Discontinuity of Mohorovičić: the boundary between Earth’s crust and the mantle, located on average 43km beneath the surface, and never reached by man so far...
Mosaic House: a house built of objects that are different yet complementary. Elements that are somehow durably connected...
Mobile Home: a metaphorical caravan that promises new experiences, voyages, discoveries, change and inspiration…
Sounds like Soho: the creative district of New York, full of artistic studios, sometimes ‘in’; sometimes ‘out’, much like the projects undertaken by the MoHo community.