" MoHo seems to be a very innovative program because of the origin diversity of the team members and because of the selected subjects.
The Bell Labs of Alcatel Lucent will be very interested to follow the evolution of this initiative and to help as much as they can to turn innovative technologies and business ideas into new profitable and efficient solutions. "

Alcatel-Lucent Senior Executive vice president

" This meeting on how to facilitate the economic success of innovation may be promising. I do encourage ESSEC students to take profit of the experience of students from others backgrounds, as well as of engineers and designers. I also encourage them to take some ideas back to France to create their own company here. Good luck... "

Valérie Segond
Editor, Les Echos (French Daily newspaper)


  • 7 days in Palo Alto
  • June 1 - June 8
  • 1 house
  • 17 partners
  • 14 endorsements
  • 15 engineering students
  • 3 design students
  • 15 business students
  • 10 social entrepreneurs
  • 10 artists
  • 5 venture capitalists
  • 2 design professors
  • 3 business professors
  • and maybe you...

Thank you in advance.

3 levels of participants

… of different profiles

… from all over the world.
Europe, the USA and beyond.

… and that lasts over time!
The MoHo community will have a life after June 2008 : the newly formed networks, the knowledge exchanged and the spawning of innovative concepts will make this collective experience last into time.

Here is what some participants say :

Mehdi Zizi, Engineering student.

Our vision is to be dedicated to helping everybody thrive in a changing world. This goes hand in hand with sustainable development, which aims to improve everyone's quality of life.

Innovations is a key enabler to this; opening up opportunities for everyone to participate, benefit and contribute, whilst benefiting the environment through the innovative use of products and services

                                                 Let's rock Mohotians !!!!

François Sfarti, Engineering student.
As far as I am concerned, MoHo is one of the most exciting project I have ever worked on. MoHo is a  good opportunity to meet very interesting and different people so I am totally motivated to work for the success of this project. 
Pierre Janicot, Entrepreneur.
I can change the world... if I want to ! This is simple, powerful and so true ! Let's make it !

Pierre Janicot, social entrepreneur (www.cheer-up.fr) & facilitator

Among the people who have already joined the movement :

And plenty of others to come !

Here are some resources which will help to understand the spirit of MoHo : inspiration, great discoveries, great achievements among our community,...

Some sources of inspiration

Current projects lead by members of the MoHo community

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