" This is so inspiring at first glance that not only I joined but now endorsing the MoHo movement.
Cannot wait to meet you all !!! "

Christophe Schuhmann
Senior QA Engineer at hi5 Networks (i18n and l10n specialist)

" As a result of my various experiences with students in the past, I am convinced that the MoHo initiative will allow students to devote their energy to tackling dreams and inventing solutions by uniting and taking advantage of cultural diversity in one place.

Committed to doing and teaching innovation "

Bernard Cartoux
Experimentation of Innovation Director BU Power, Schneider Electric

Thank you in advance.

Looking beyond...

China is as much a rich and complex environment, often puzzling to the Western mind, as a fore player of globalisation. Looking beyond market projections to apprehend local culture and business specificities is a key element of successful business ventures in China.

MoHo 2 Shanghai will offer its participants a one-week immersive experience within the Middle Empire's economic powerhouse. This week will be spent working and living together, getting into Chinese complexity through meetings, workshops and visits with top ranking Chinese and international personalities.

During MoHo 2 Shanghai, 6 themes will be explored with enriching guest speakers to properly apprehend this promising environment:

Luxury in China: leading executives for China from major luxury groups, brand managers for Western as well as Chinese brands Investment Strategies in China: top executives from Shanghai Huili Asset Management, China M&A Association, Agence Française des Investissements à l'Etranger IT, Biotech & Environment in China: top executives from Institut Pasteur in Shanghai, Zhangjiang Biotech Park Media & Culture: leading executives from Western media groups, French Consulate attaché culturel As well as numerous entrepreneurs and investors who have taken the Chinese plunge

MoHo 2 Shanghai will gather 60 people -students, executives, entrepreneurs, showing various skills and background and will immerse them into Chinese related issues. Teams of students will work on issues picked by corporate partners alongside executives from the company during dedicated workshops, making progress through the interviews they participate in.