" Innovation relies on technology, but not technology alone. Technology officers want to bring in new revenues, increase customer satisfaction, and focus on the benefits side, not just the cost side. Their job increasingly requires creativity and calls for identifying new opportunities, and then pursuing them.  Initiatives such as MoHo brings some fresh air in the way innovation is perceived, conceived, and implemented.  That can only be beneficial to the society as a whole.

Erik Brynjolfsson
the Schussel Professor of Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and the Director of the MIT Center for Digital Business

" As a result of my various experiences with students in the past, I am convinced that the MoHo initiative will allow students to devote their energy to tackling dreams and inventing solutions by uniting and taking advantage of cultural diversity in one place.

Committed to doing and teaching innovation "

Bernard Cartoux
Experimentation of Innovation Director BU Power, Schneider Electric

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We are very grateful to all our partners who have strongly supported us from day one and are making MoHo exist!

ESSEC Business School
Stanford Business Club - France
École Centrale Paris
Strate Collège
Ecole de Paris du Management

Corporate sponsors

Schneider Electric
Alcatel Lucent
Cap Gemini
Peclers Paris

Technical partners

Agence Tribu
AMAZIRIS, SAP Excellence Consulting
Sysope: Simulations interactives pedagogiques

MoHo was born of a French innovative product incubator - the “Création d’un produit innovant” (CPI) program - organized by ESSEC Business School, Ecole Centrale Paris and Strate College Designers, in partnership with Capgemini Consulting, since 2005.