" MoHo is about innovation. It's not only about pure innovation and new ideas but it's also about innovation that generates value whether it's for a business, a government or the society as a whole. What I also like about it, is that it gathers students from different parts of the world with diverse backgrounds and origins with the support from a facilitating team and leading edge technologies to enhance effectiveness. It's a quite promising idea from 3 proeminent schools and I am personally excited about it! "

Christophe Duthoit
Senior Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group

" A great initiative that shows how the young generation is concerned about global issues and is ready to take the challenge to tackle them. It is fostering a new type of success that is generous and with a new spirit of solidarity where brain and heart can work together. "

Ale Gicqueau
SiliconFrench founder, Entrepreneur

Thank you in advance.

Le MoHo 2008 will take place in Shanghai, according to the following frame:

Events for the whole group
Conferences with top ranking speakers on transversal issues (Chinese culture, business environment, specific issues not catered to by a dedicated group) Exclusive visits (Zhangjiang biotech park, factories) Museums (Shanghai City Museum, Urban Planning Museum) Dedicated groups -a dozen people- focusing on one of the five issues Interviews with experts and top players -Western and Chinese- bringing different perspectives on the issue Visit of iconic places (Shanghai Harbour for Distribution and Logistics group) Corporate Workshops Teams of 4 to 8 students focusing on entrepreneurial project during one afternoon twice in the week The issue may be submitted by a corporate partner -it will then lead to prior research and be further developed and challenged as the week unfurls

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