" Centrale and ESSEC students have showed much dynamism and entrepreunarial spirit. I think their journey to  Stanford and their experience in MoHo will broaden their vision of innovation. They will especially realize the importance of "open innovation". Good luck and come back from the USA with heads full of new ideas. "

Thierry Bardy
VP management innovation at Orange labs

" It is of the utmost importance that a group of students so highly motivated by the blending of skill and cultural diversity, both at the heart of innovation in organizations, be able to expand their horizons and gain a deeper multicultural understanding of this phenomenon for the future. The dedication of this team of students from the best business and engineering schools in France to organize such an initiative in the most innovative culture in the world (the USA) is a demonstration of the importance given by Europe to such questions. Moreover, having witnessed the capabilities of these students all throughout the CPI 2008 program, I have complete confidence in their energy, creativity and ability to successfully undertake such an innovative and decisive initiative. "

Laurent Bibard
Professor, Management Department,
Dean for MBA Programs at ESSEC Business School

Thank you in advance.

Le MoHo 2008 will take place in Shanghai, according to the following frame:

Events for the whole group
Conferences with top ranking speakers on transversal issues (Chinese culture, business environment, specific issues not catered to by a dedicated group) Exclusive visits (Zhangjiang biotech park, factories) Museums (Shanghai City Museum, Urban Planning Museum) Dedicated groups -a dozen people- focusing on one of the five issues Interviews with experts and top players -Western and Chinese- bringing different perspectives on the issue Visit of iconic places (Shanghai Harbour for Distribution and Logistics group) Corporate Workshops Teams of 4 to 8 students focusing on entrepreneurial project during one afternoon twice in the week The issue may be submitted by a corporate partner -it will then lead to prior research and be further developed and challenged as the week unfurls

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